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Tennis Online Betting

Tennis online betting match is a simple procedure. Following is a list of extremely easy actions you will need to do follow this step:

Set 1: In the top right corner of the screen, click the “Register” button.

Enter the referral code “jonvip1”, member account and password, and confirm the password on the new page, scroll down to read the terms and conditions, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and click next.

Tennis Online Betting

Set 2: Enter your full name and phone number, then click Next.

Tennis Online Betting

Set 3: Select the outlet and press the Register button.

Tennis Online Betting

Set 4: You are now registered and signed in to OKBET.

Tennis Online Betting

After that, all you have to do is cash out your account and start betting for your favorite sports like Tennis online betting.

Check that you’ve entered the right wager into your Bet Slip and that the odds haven’t altered.
Submit the wager after entering the stake amount. You can want to wager on a match’s outright winner at the Tennis online betting, or you might want to gamble on the several markets that exist inside the tennis game. The procedure is the same in either case at the Tennis online betting.


Tennis online betting, like any other sport, has straight-up winner bets where you place money on the team or individual you believe will win a game. However, there are many more prop bets and even combination bets available in tennis.

Market Definition

Winner of the match

This is the most popular sort of tennis wager. In tennis, you may wager on two players to win the match or the match outright.

For example, odds on Roger Federer winning the match are 4/5.

Betting Limits

Set betting involves betting on the precise score of the game.

In a three-set match, for example, Player A to win 2-0, Player A to win 2-1, Player B to win 2-0, Player B to win 2-1.

Set the Total Games

You may also wager on how many games will be included in a set. This value might vary between 6 and 12.

For example, total games in a set (precise or over/under)

Determine the Winner

You may wager on who will win the current set or a specific set in a match.

For example, set 1 winner X Rafael Nadal.

Determine the Correct Score

Betters may wager on the right score of the current or next set.

For example, Correct Score 1st Set, 6-4.

Set the games to Over/Under.

There is the possibility of 12 games occurring in one set. You may wager on whether the number of games in a set will be more than or less than a predefined total.

For example, Set 1 Total Games Over/Under 6.5.

At least one set must be won by the player.

You may also wager on a player winning just one set. This wager may be accessible exclusively to players that are deemed huge underdogs.

For example, Player A must win at least one set.

Handicap in the Game

A handicap bet is a wager on whether a player will win or lose by a particular margin. If the player’s name is preceded by a + sign, it means the player must win by this margin, but a – sign means the player may lose by this amount.

Set 1 Game Handicap -1.5, for example.

Winning Margin in a Game

You may wager on the margin by which a player will win the game. In Grand Slam competitions, this might be in straight sets or by winning by one or two sets.

For example, Player 1 should win in straight sets.