Ivan Toney, a Brentford striker has been charged by the Popular FA with 232 suspected betting rule violations 2022

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Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney

The FA has charged Brentford striker Ivan Toney with more than 200 breaches of betting regulations; the 26-year-old confirmed last week that he was aiding the FA with its probe into prior breaches of gambling laws; Ivan Toney has until November 24 to answer to the accusation.

Ivan Toney

The Football Association has accused Brentford forward Ivan Toney with 232 suspected betting rule violations between February 2017 and January 2021. After the Daily Mail reported that he was the target of an FA investigation, he tweeted on November 5: “I’m aware of an article about me in a national publication today.”

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“I have been aiding the Football Association with their inquiries and will not comment until such probe is concluded.”

“I am a patriotic Englishman, and playing for my nation in a World Cup finals has always been a boyhood goal of mine.”

The accusations against the 26-year-old must be answered by Thursday, November 24. “It is claimed that between February 25, 2017 and January 23, 2021, the Brentford FC striker violated FA regulation E8 232 times.” “Ivan Toney has until Thursday, November 24 to reply.”

“Brentford FC has been advised that Ivan Toney has been charged with violations of FA Rule E8,” Brentford announced in a statement. “The club has been in private discussions with Ivan and his legal counsel concerning this situation, and those discussions will continue.” “We will not make any additional comments until the case is resolved.”

Ivan Toney

Toney began his career at Northampton before transferring to Newcastle in 2015. Before joining Peterborough in 2018 Ivan Toney, he had loan spells at Barnsley, Shrewsbury, Scunthorpe, and Wigan. He then transferred to Brentford in 2020, where he has 58 goals in 105 appearances.

What are the regulations for football betting?

Betting on football is prohibited for all Premier League, EFL, National League, Women’s Super League, Women’s Championship, and Northern, Southern, and Isthmian league players, managers, coaches, club personnel, directors, and licensed agents.

The prohibition prohibits participants from wagering, either directly or indirectly, on any football event or tournament taking place anywhere in the globe. Betting on any other football-related subject, such as player transfers, management hires, or squad selection, is likewise prohibited.

Passing inside knowledge to someone who utilizes the information for betting is likewise prohibited. Inside information is information that you are aware of as a result of your position in the game but is not publicly known, such as injury or team selection news. Inside knowledge cannot be used to make a bet or urge someone else to do so on your behalf. You are also not permitted to pass on inside knowledge to another person for the purpose of betting.

Previous high-profile sportsmen have been penalized for gambling. Kieran Trippier, a member of England’s World Cup team, was suspended from football for 10 weeks and fined £70,000 for instructing a friend to “lump on” the possibility of him joining Atletico Madrid before his move from Tottenham in 2019.

Daniel Sturridge was also penalised for leaking transfer-related information. His sentence was upgraded from a six-week suspension to a four-month ban and a £150,000 fine when it was discovered that he had advised his brother to wager on a January 2018 transfer to Sevilla.

Joey Barton received an 18-month suspension in 2017 for betting on football 1,260 times between 2006 and 2016. The penalty forced him to retire from football, albeit the sentence was eventually reduced by five months on appeal.