Football World Cup | Greatest surprises ever observed 2022

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Football World Cup

Football World Cup

Nothing creates headlines like a low-ranked or unfancied team doing well to overcome a famous name. The 2022 FIFA World Cup is the most anticipated sporting event of the year. Fans are excited to watch which side wins the coveted trophy, who scores the most goals, and who puts on the best show on the big stage.

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While it is exciting to watch who will be the champion, another feature of the competition that constantly amazes fans is upsets on the field. In some shocking World Cup outcomes, reigning champions were knocked out in the group stages, minnows blasted historical giants of the game, and, on other instances, the astonishment was not at the result but at the absolute lack of effort and the ensuing score.

Here are some of the most shocking shocks in World Cup history:

USA defeats England 1-0. (1950)

The post-war England side, which included Alf Ramsey, Tom Finney, and Billy Wright, was one of the favorites to win the World Cup on its debut. Meanwhile, the Americans assembled a crew of part-timers, including a dishwasher, a postal carrier, and a teacher. The diverse group practiced together for one day before embarking on a boat to Brazil.

Football World Cup

Joe Gaetjens scored a header in the 38th minute to put the United States ahead. England’s onslaught was unrelenting in the second half, but USA goalkeeper Frank Borghi kept them from scoring an equalizer and inscribed his team’s name in history.

Hungary 3-2 West Germany (1954)

A West German team mounting a comeback to win a World Cup match today would not be regarded an exception. However, this was a lesser-known West German team from the 1950s against Hungary’s Mighty Magyars, led by football’s first superstar Ferenc Puskas.

Hungary came into the World Cup in Switzerland as the favorite, and they delivered by defeating South Korea 9-0 and West Germany 8-3 in the first two games. The two teams played again in the final. Hungary scored two goals in the first half and seemed to be on track until the opponents scored two.

Football World Cup

The game remained level until the 84th minute, when Helmut Rahn scored his second goal and shattered the hearts of the Hungarians. The German comeback against one of football’s top teams was dubbed “The Miracle of Bern.”

Italy defeats North Korea 1-0. (1966)

It was unexpected enough that North Korea was able to secure a squad in England for the World Cup. During the cold war with the Western allies’ preferred South Korea, the English FA pondered refusing the North Korean team’s visa. Giacomo Bulgarelli kept Italy together on the field. The midfielder was hurt during the game, reducing the Italian team to 10 players since substitutes were not permitted at the time.

Football World Cup

Pak Doo Ik scored seven minutes later, not only winning the match but also knocking out the two-time world champs at the Football World Cup. The game is regarded as one of the most shocking shocks in World Cup history, and the original match ticket is housed at the FIFA football museum.

After the stadium was destroyed to make way for a housing development, the place where the goal was scored was marked with iron stud markings.