Today’s Watering Hole – An Online Dating Site

The traditional bars and clubs where people gather to meet are all still intact. The clubs, the pubs, the social groups, the hobby forums. They’re all still there and as good – or bad – as they ever were; but by far the most popular meeting ground these days is an online dating site. It’s by no means the new kid on the block anymore. The online dating sites have been around for a long time, but at this stage it is no longer the novelty that it once was. It has been well and truly tried and tested.


On social networking sites, the motivations for joining are as varied as the people joining them. Are they there to advertise their blogs, their online businesses, their art or hobbies, or just making friends around the globe? It’s all good; but if it’s meeting people for the sake of dating that you’re after, then an online dating site is unambiguous. Log onto an online dating site, and you know precisely what you are doing there; the same applies to everyone else, no misunderstandings.


It’s quite true that the online dating sites are a well-known hunting ground for predators. There again, so are the pubs and clubs. The online community has matured a great deal since the early days. Well….. put it this way, we’ve been around long enough now to have become more “street-wise” on the highways and byways of cyberspace. More importantly, in the case of an online dating site, on the pavements and side streets of cyberspace!


So How Safe Are They?

How safe is your car trip to the club? Accessing the online dating sites from the security of your home must be safer. More importantly, how safe is your ride home, perhaps not as safe as logging out of an online dating site. What are your chances of getting wasted at the physical site and making bad – very bad – decisions? At least, when you’re visiting an online dating site, you’re in a position to make sober decisions. You could be wasted at home too, but that’s your choice, it’s not because you feel obliged to drink, or obligated to the minimum expense for frequenting the place.


On the subject of expense, as far as I’m aware, it is a free online dating site as long as you are browsing, which you can do to your heart’s content. Once you want to begin replying to ads, then there is a joining fee attached. In most cases, it’s not a lot in comparison with the price of fuel!

From that point on, however, all the laws of prudence and appropriate safety measures when setting up meetings apply as in all dating situations.

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